Blanket Statement


As a surface design fibre artist, my work is about texture and the relationship between yesterday’s discarded blankets and how they can have a new public image in today’s philosophy of “recycling”. The work itself is a unique combination of mending, patching, and darning. Each piece is made up of layers of cloth allowing the worn and weathered fibres to have dignity as they record the changes in temperature, the ravages of rust, tints and tones of tarnish and stain along with shrinking and warping. I want my art to challenge the accepted need to find beauty in what is new, it asks the viewer to look for the inner beauty of the old and used. Using line, shape and colour embellished with hand and machine stitches allows me to create a balance between the ripped and the repaired.

Exhibition Schedule: as of February 2014
2014 January 4th – February 8th Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, BC - Group Show
2014 January 6th – February 3rd McMillan Arts Centre, Parksville, BC – Solo Show
2015 March 1st – April 22nd Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre, Regina Beach, SK. - 2 Person Show
2015 July 10th – Sept. 4th Saint John Arts Centre, NB – Solo Show 2016
2017 March 14th – May 20th Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, Ont. – Solo Show