Artist Statement – Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, Alberta

Frobisher – Meta Incognita

Knowing that one historical time, such as Martin Frobisher’s expeditions to Canada’s far north, is being explored in the form of a full-length opera, I sense the energy and power of the previous cultural times are hidden in the various vehicles of the present. I believe as an artist the challenge of capturing this spirit has led me to participate in the group Articulation’s quest to express 400 hundred years of history in Textile / Assemblage form. Working alongside of the opera as it unfolds is an exciting and stimulating first-time experience for me. I’m drawn to the visions of spirit in the Inukshuk, the film making Anna dreams about, and the maps that Frobisher used to travel from England to Canada. The passionate pursuit of dreams is hidden in my travels through this forceful work by John Estacio, composer and John Murrell, Librettist.

Frobisher’s Arctic voyages (1576-78) took place at the time when Mercator’s projection was coming into general use for maps and charts. The projection did not of course make navigation through the Passage any easier or more difficult, but, owing to the exaggeration of both north-south and east-west distances at high latitudes, the route appeared much longer and less direct than it is. This may have had, and possibly still continues to have, an unconscious psychological effect even on those well aware of the limitations of the projection.

Griffiths, Frank .editor, Politics of the Northwest Passage: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1987. Pp26-27.

Polvis Arctics (North Pole) 2007 Gloria S. Daly / Studio G Art
SOLD Yellow Point Lodge